How to Bypass Globe Tattoo’s 800 MB limit – Latest

First of all I dont want to share this trick because of many issues, such as of the following..


So there, but im going to share it anyways..


so the first step is to Download an App called “Internet Download Manager”,


then the second thing you want to add is a Proxy.


BTW it is a legal proxy becuase if that was blocked the ISP’s will have issues to the internet connection.

3rd thing is to Install  “Internet Download Manager” to your computer/loptop etc.

then, the Internet download manager has a trial period of 30 days..

so you must find a crack. if you dont want to buy the pro version.

4th when all is finished with the installation, just simply open Internet Download Manager,

and click “downloads” > Options > Proxy Sockets > then tick Use proxy > click advanced > put the proxy that i just said there.

then ok > ok and done… 🙂 🙂


I hope i Help you out with your Heavy Downloading Needs.


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